Would Cloud Hosting pose a threat to Traditional Web Hosting ?

There has been a lot of hype about Cloud recently and have portrayed to something that is concerned with the servers and networking. If you are a business owner who wish to have your business website hosted on a Cloud platform, it is important to educate yourself about this technology. Even though the Cloud is  assumed to be the future of networking, it becomes crucial to get an indepth analysis of the concept and offerings.

The most basic thought behind the Cloud is pooling the resources together and share them over a virtualized environment. This is an automated process wherein the resources from the pool is provided to those applicatons that require them the most.

Though this is true, how would it impact the business workflow process? If a business has a huge pool of servers, it is hardly possible that those would be enough to carry out complex processes. Also, there might be servers that are in an idle state and using zero resources at a given point of time. So, typically you would feel the need to upgrade the server that is falling short of resources. But, thats not actually required. You can simply opt for a Private Cloud Hosting wherein all the servers are installed in a cluster using one of the Cloud application. Or you can opt for a Cloud hosting service offered by some reputed yet affordable web hosting provider. With making such a decision, you can have an access to huge pool of host servers.

With a typical hosting server, the amount of resources available are somewhat limited and the cost that you need to bear is fixed, which you have to pay whether you use it or not. Whereas, with a Cloud, you are not required to worry about resources nor are you required to pay for something that you actually aren’t using.

There still have been questions about the level of security offered by Cloud. There were security concerns until recently. The combination of Cloud theme with the virtualization technology has made Cloud to be virtually indispensable. Moreover, with its low price and lesser hassles, cloud hosting offers the best scalability, performance and of course the most important SECURITY.

No matter these are some of the very few reasons that are proving enough to convince users to switch from Typical Hosting to Cloud platforms.

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