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Understanding the working of Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting servers is basically a cluster of servers that are connected together in a network. Such a cluster is referred to as a Cloud of servers. Such an architecture has the capability of sharing the resources between one another. These interconnected servers make use of the resources available with individual machines combined together to be one.

Hardware resources such as the processing speed, power, memory, and storage space, everything is shared. And the best thing about such an architecture is that, more hardware can be easily added without the need of a shutdown. Just add it, configure it and you are set to go with added resources. Even in case of a hardware malfunction, where a repair or replacement is needed, you can simply take down the server, make the necessary improvements and re-install it in the cluster. Since the cloud hosting service providers measure what is referred as the computing cycles, it  is basically the measurement of time taken for processing units, hence making it possible to get billed for just the amount of resources that are actually used. This level of technology lacked in the services that have been provided till today.

Apart from the aspect of billing, different users give importance to other aspects of Cloud hosting as stated below :

Scalability : The ability to add or remove the amount of resources in a cluster is only offered by Cloud Hosting solutions until now. This level of flexibility offers users with better control over the expenditure and accordingly make necessary changes.

Uptime : Ideally, with cloud hosting you can stay rest assured about the uptime as compared to the traditional hosting solutions. Hence offering a better possibility for your website to be accessible always. Though there are chances of facing downtime only when there is a network failure, hence it becomes important to opt for the solutions from reputed service providers.

Spike in Traffic : You may have noticed that even few big websites sometimes are inaccessible due to peak hours, this is basically due to an unexpected increase in the amount of traffic accessing it. This usually happens when the amount of resources allocated to the website falls short of what is required by the website to function smoothly. Such a sudden flow of traffic is termed as the ‘Spike’. But, incase the particular website is hosted on a Cloud Hosting servers, there is no chance of an un-responsive scenario where the site isn’t accessible. Due to the resource sharing mechanism, the cloud servers can easily serve the increasing resource requests.

Integration of Technology : Various technologies can be easily used in combination with each other in a Cloud. For example, with cloud hosting it is possible to use .php and .asp files together and sometimes in a single folder as the required technologies are drawn from the cloud, hence offering you better flexibility and the capability of using almost every technology required by various users.

Cloud hosting technique is comparatively newer hence does not have much of a track record. Still the architecture and the working features are enough for driving interests of webmasters towards it.