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Responsibilities of WordPress Hosting provider

WordPress has been undoubtedly the most preferred and widely chosen blogging platform. It offers simplicity and ease of usage for even the newbie users yet serve their purpose with the required efficiency. However, there are certain aspects that must be considered when choosing a WordPress Hosting service provider. Though, now a days few of the reputed hosts have started offering cheap and reliable Cloud hosting packages with a compatibility for WordPress. Many a times it so happens that due to the lack of knowledge of users, many hosting providers try to sell something that is actually not required for a site. Hence it becomes necessary to educate yourselves with certain important aspects when looking out for a hosting provider.

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Single Click Installation Scripts

Creating a site in WordPress is the most simplest task, this should be kept in mind. The hosting provider should be capable to offer you with single click installation scripts of different CMS’s. Incase you come across an error during the installation of WordPress, you must get in touch with the host and getting things installed from them.

Up-to-Date WordPress Version

Varies issues can arise if your hosting provider isn’t offering you with the latest version of WordPress. This also includes the loop holes wherein a hacker/attacker can carry out theft from your site. Further, some of the latest WordPress plugins and widgets might not be compatible with the version that has been installed on your account, hence restricting you from using multiple benefits of WordPress. So it is important to ensure that the host offers you an updated and the latest version of WordPress.

Simplicity in installation of WordPress Updates

WordPress is a CMS where there is some-or-the-other update is released after regular intervals. Hence, it is important that the host has enabled the updates on their servers.

Support for Multiple Domains and Sub-domains

It usually happens that after you start a website in WordPress, you want to create another one for blogging. Thus, inorder to fulfill such a requirement it is important that the host offers a provision of adding subdomains. This avoids the requirement of buying another hosting package for hosting a new domain. Hence, before you sign-up with a host, make sure that the host allows you to have multiple subdomains.

Compatible Technologies on Server

There are various technologies used for developing WordPress for example PHP, MySQL etc. Therefore its necessary to check whether the hosting server is compatible with the required platforms for WordPress.