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An Explanation about Cloud Hosting VPS

Cloud Hosting VPS might sound an unheard concept for some. But in fact, after going through the following information, you’d realize it in true sense.

Cloud Hosting as we all know is a comparatively newer concept as compared to the others. It basically works with a combined technology of Cluster and load balanced dedicated hosting servers. It enables users to experience scalability along with the power of hosting which in turn erases the possible failures that used to arise with the traditional hosting techniques. Though a VPS with the very basic functionality helps you experience almost the same features of dedicated servers, Cloud enables users to only pay for what they’ve actually used unlike the traditional hosting where it was required to pay a certain fixed amount of price for a particular time period.

Since the launch of Cloud, there has been debates about which is better.<!> IMO. there are both advantages as well disadvantages to both ie. Cloud solutions as well as other hosting types.

With VPS solutions, users would not only get to have an administrative access, but they also have an option to choose the required operating system. But, still, there seemed to be a missing string in between dedicated hosting servers and VPS’s. And it is supposed that Cloud VPS Hosting is just the perfect solution to fill-in this vacancy. It perfectly fills the gap by offering the combination of both cloud hosting features a long with VPS features.

Its only possible with a Cloud Hosting solution to achieve an on-demand scalability which no other hosting solutions could have ever managed to offer. Though a VPS can indeed offer the perfect installation security but, since the VPS accounts are created on a dedicated server, there definitely lies a thin possibility of failure ie. when the dedicated hardware goes down.And you sites could only be restored once the hardware malfunction is rectified. On the contrary, if you have your website(s) hosted on a Cloud server, such possibilities are next to impossible,due to be basic fact that multiple dedicated servers are placed in a cluster. And, until the entire DC fails there are no chances that your site would ever go offline.

When a company offering Cloud as Cheap VPS Hosting packages guarantees 100% uptime, you hardly have a reason not to believe it due to the above facts. Since the servers in a cluster would be constantly sharing the resources, your website would face no trouble even during the peak hours despite the fact of being hosted on a shared platform.