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Web Hosting Reseller: How you can become one?

You may be aware as to what Web Hosting services are and who provides these services. But what you may not know is that even you can become one and offer Web Hosting services to your clients. It is possible for you establish your own hosting business by becoming a web hosting reseller.

Web Hosting Reseller

A Web Hosting reseller is one who gets hosting services from the web host and sells it further to users who need a hosting service. As a reseller you can provide hosting services to your clients as your own service and in turn earn revenue for it.

What you need to do for Reselling Hosting?

Choose a reliable web host

The first thing you need to do to go ahead with your web hosting reseller business is to choose a bankable Reseller Hosting service provider. You must choose a Web Hosting company like you would choose it for your own website hosting checking all the necessary things related to the service provider.

To begin with, you can check for essential things like the experience of the hosting provider and the background of the company. Look for reviews about the company on forums and other review site to gain better knowledge about the reseller hosting service of the company in particular.

These days many Reseller hosting providers offer End User Support with their reseller plans. So if possible you should choose a service provider that would give you end user support. This would allow you to be free of support related issue of your clients as all this would be looked after by your reseller hosting provider itself.

Buying a Reseller Package

When you have gained all the information about the reseller hosting provider and find it worthy of it then you need to select an appropriate reseller plan.

You need to assess the amount of resources you would need based on what you will be able to profitably resell. Accordingly you must select a reseller package from the hosting provider. Avoid getting extra amount of resources on the server which would simply remain idle and result in decreased revenue for you.

Another way to start reseller hosting is by getting a Dedicated Server. You can get a dedicated server instead of the usual reseller plan and resell the space on the server to your clients. As you own the server you can allocate resources to your clients the way you want to. For every client you can create a virtual machine on the server and provide the required space depending upon the total amount of resources you have on the server.

So you can choose among the suitable ways in which you need to offer the services and you can begin your Reseller Hosting business in no time.

You must ensure you provide the desired resources to your clients and avoid getting their websites crashed due to load on the server as this would lead to dissatisfaction of your clients and they may end up leaving your service.