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Web Hosting Reseller: How you can become one?

You may be aware as to what Web Hosting services are and who provides these services. But what you may not know is that even you can become one and offer Web Hosting services to your clients. It is possible for you establish your own hosting business by becoming a web hosting reseller.
Web Hosting Reseller
A Web Hosting reseller is one who gets hosting services from the web host and sells it further to users who need a hosting service. As a reseller you can provide hosting services to your clients as your own service and in read more..

Modern Lifestyle – Cloud in everyday use

modern cloud

Spending time on the Internet and sharing your data with other people carries many different influences on you and the world around you. While we are all dealing with the ways and methods form improving the technical aspects and practicality of the cloud data storage itself, there are not too many social studies about the influence of the online virtual space.
One of the first things that is more than obvious when it comes to modern lifestyle and the impact of the cloud in everyday use is the question of the read more..

Do Not Make these Mistakes While Choosing Web Hosting Service.

Choosing Best Web hosting

These days it is has become very easy for anyone to get their own website and advertise their business or even sell online. However, what many people do not understand is that getting the website is one thing and choosing a hosting service for is an altogether different scenario.

There are many factors which you should consider when choosing hosting and avoid the most common mistakes as below:

Getting Free Hosting

If you really have interest in your website and want it to grow then you do not want to go read more..

Traits of an Ideal Web Hosting Service.

The revolution in internet has increased the importance or websites and has made everyone seek their own website and existence in the virtual world. As a result, the increasing demand gave rise to a lot of web hosting services.

At present  there are ample of web hosting companies that offer all sorts of website hosting packages to their customers. There are numerous plans and offers but what is the best option for you is something that one needs to assess based on individual requirements. That said, there are certain things that are read more..

An Explanation about Cloud Hosting VPS

Cloud Hosting VPS might sound an unheard concept for some. But in fact, after going through the following information, you’d realize it in true sense.
Cloud Hosting as we all know is a comparatively newer concept as compared to the others. It basically works with a combined technology of Cluster and load balanced dedicated hosting servers. It enables users to experience scalability along with the power of hosting which in turn erases the possible failures that used to arise with the traditional hosting techniques. Though a read more..

Would Cloud Hosting pose a threat to Traditional Web Hosting ?

There has been a lot of hype about Cloud recently and have portrayed to something that is concerned with the servers and networking. If you are a business owner who wish to have your business website hosted on a Cloud platform, it is important to educate yourself about this technology. Even though the Cloud is  assumed to be the future of networking, it becomes crucial to get an indepth analysis of the concept and offerings.
The most basic thought behind the Cloud is pooling the resources together and share them read more..

Gartner’s Forecast on SaaS Revenue Report

In the past three years, it has been noticed that the market for Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), one of the important part of cloud computing has thrived. According to the Gartner’s research, the SaaS area will make a revenue of $14.5M in the year 2012, which simply means that compare compared to the last year there is a boost of about 17.9%.
In the coming three years, the worldwide SaaS revenue will hit $22.1B, due to increased interest in adopting cloud computing and cloud hosting services. “The increasing read more..

100% Uptime offered with Cloud Hosting. How ?

You might have seen companies claiming to offer 100% uptime guarantee for the services they offer. This claim can indeed be considered to be true in case the host is offering Cloud Hosting services.

The cloud is a large infrastructure that has a large pool of servers. Ideally, a site hosted on a Cloud infrastructure is basically placed on multiple servers across the network of servers, unlike the usual hosting solution. By doing this, the websites are capable of using unlimited processing capabilities. read more..

Understanding the working of Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting servers is basically a cluster of servers that are connected together in a network. Such a cluster is referred to as a Cloud of servers. Such an architecture has the capability of sharing the resources between one another. These interconnected servers make use of the resources available with individual machines combined together to be one.

Hardware resources such as the processing speed, power, memory, and storage space, everything is shared. And the best thing about such an read more..

Responsibilities of WordPress Hosting provider

WordPress has been undoubtedly the most preferred and widely chosen blogging platform. It offers simplicity and ease of usage for even the newbie users yet serve their purpose with the required efficiency. However, there are certain aspects that must be considered when choosing a WordPress Hosting service provider. Though, now a days few of the reputed hosts have started offering cheap and reliable Cloud hosting packages with a compatibility for WordPress. Many a times it so happens that due to the lack of knowledge of users, many read more..